Dispatch Solutions

TaxiBook™ | Affordable automated dispatch

TaxiBook™ is a bundled subscription service for fleet sizes of ten vehicles and up. It includes smartphones, tablets or mobile data terminals, credit card payment, computerised  call taking,  reporting, and more. TaxiBook™ enables companies to have a computerised solution with affordable and all inclusive pricing.

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PathFinder™ | Enterprise solution for large fleets


PathFinder™ is the leading digital dispatch and fleet management solution for fleets of up to several thousand vehicles. Feature rich and highly configurable, PathFinder™ offers an end-to-end solution, from call takers and dispatch, to the drivers and their in-vehicle mobile data terminals, to management and reporting.

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Booking Solutions

Mobile Booker | Get your cab in a flash

solution_box_mobilebookerMobile Booker enables passengers to request a taxi and track its location on a map via a smartphone anytime, anywhere. This user friendly mobile app is fully branded with your company logo. Mobile Booker allows your company to process more calls, especially during peak hours, without adding phone lines or additional staff, and it helps build customer loyalty.

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WebBooker™ | Book cabs online is easy

solution_box_webbookerWebBooker™ improves your business by providing your customers a self-service taxi booking website. WebBooker™ improves customer service by enabling account customers to directly book a taxi and instantly view the dispatch status online. WebBooker™ lowers operating costs by reducing bookings handled by call takers.

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