mSlate™ – the World’s First 7-inch Intelligent In-Vehicle Tablet

powered by DDS

Premium User Experience

With a slick design, responsive touch screen, phenomenal crisp display, and exquisite fit and finish, mSlate™ delivers leading performance and quality that sets the new benchmark for our industry and the needs of taxi drivers.

  • Elegant design with intuitive user interface
  • Bright 7” color flat screen IPS LCD display
  • Multi touch and gesture capacitive touchscreen
  • Internal or external audio speaker
  • 3D Graphical accelerator
  • Option to upgrade to 6 programmable hard keys


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Empower Your Fleet Today with mSlate™!

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Powerful and Reliable

Equipped with a multimode cellular modem, WiFi, and Bluetooth that enable various forms of wireless communications, mSlate™ makes it easy to stay connected on the go from anywhere at any time.

  • Multimode cellular data network (PDN) provides the freedom and dependability to alternate between providers as service demands.
  • Optional Private Mobile Radio (PMR) modem support legacy systems
  • Easily collect arrival and performance data, eliminate redundant data entry and save time with automatic time and location stamping
  • Improved communications reliability to enhance accuracy with voice or data between driver
  • WiFi and Bluetooth support

Grows with Your Business

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Peace of Mind

The world’s first 7-inch intelligent in-vehicle tablet powered by DDS, mSlate™, redefines what a tablet can do inside a vehicle. Not only can mSlate™ deliver enhanced vehicle capabilities but it also sets the new standard of driving and dispatching excellence.

  • Built to last, the mSlate is Android 4.0 and Windows CE 6.0-enabled
  • Over-the-air firmware upgradeable
  • Seamless mixed fleet integration for incremental migration between mSlate and Vectors, etc.