DDS Wireless International Inc. is a global provider of wireless mobile data solutions for a variety of vehicle fleet applications integrating software, wireless communications and GPS. DDS’ solutions use state of the art technologies to provide real-time dispatching, vehicle location and tracking, and routing and scheduling optimization. In addition, the Company’s solutions enable mobile commerce by providing fast and secure mobile processing of credit and debit cards, and offer mobile media applications which provide information and entertainment interfaces for passengers.

DDS Wireless International Inc.’s product and service offerings include mobile data computers or terminals, hosted and enterprise fleet management applications, wireless communications infrastructure, project management, long-term customer support as well as multimedia and mobile commerce systems for fleets.

DDS Wireless International Inc. solutions enable its customers to more efficiently and effectively manage their vehicle fleets by reducing “dead miles”, reducing idle time, increasing vehicle capacity utilization and improving customer response times and service delivery. The Company’s solutions also provide efficiency by automating back office dispatching, scheduling, reporting and transaction management functions; centralizing and consolidating fleet management operations; and automating interfaces with passengers through web and interactive voice response applications.

DDS Wireless International Inc. has been in business for over 20 years and today operates four market focused business units each committed to providing the best in class solutions for its specific market. DDS serves and supports a worldwide customer base through offices in Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K., Sweden, Finland, India and Singapore.